Azan for Google Home/Nest Using Windows PC


Play Azan on your Google Home/Nest Mini Speaker/Speakers/Chromecast/Amazon Alexa. Simply install the software on your Computer, and azan will play automatically on correct times.


  • Automatic Azan solution for your Google Home/Windows Pc/Smart Speakers.
  • Software will find Compatiable Google Home / Chromecast / Bluetooth Speakers on your network.
  • Save Energy. Supports Windows SLEEP mode.
  • Manually customize/adjust azan times to your needs
  • Play your own Custom Azan
  • Adjust Azan Volume/Mute certain Azan's
  • Adjust Adhan times according to your local mosque.
  • Schedule Surah's
  • You can even GROUP/Combine multiple "Google Home speakers" into one Speaker, and Azan will play on all Speakers.
  • Visit Supported Devices section to find cheap mini power friendly windows computers
  • Watch this Youtube Tutorial for setup instructions
Dont want to leave your PC on 24x7, try the Raspberry pi version for Google Home to play Azan