Frequently Asked Questions

* No. Your Phone needs to be powered-on and on same same wifi.
(*Advance Users can setup a VPN to play Adhan even when not on same wifi using SmartAzan Pro)
  1. Make Sure Your Phone and Smart Speakers are on SAME WIFI
  2. Reboot your Phone & Google Speaker's'
  3. Check your Router settings if you are using wifi-mesh system or multiple access points.
  4. Try Adding the IP Address of your Smart Speaker Instead.
  5. Try SmartAzan Pro App instead (For Android)
  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Touch and hold your device's tile.
  3. At the top right, tap Settings, Then Device information.
  4. The IP Address should be listed under Technical information. If it’s not, check the device's Wi-FI connection/Router Setting's'.
Yes, for Mac M1/M2 chips you can download SmartAzan Pro from App store, for all other models try the Docker Image .
Raspberry pi Zero W 2, Raspbeery pi 2B+, Raspberry pi 3, Raspberry pi 4. Click here for more info.
Yes we do. We have Windows, Mac and Raspberry pi Images. Click here for more info.
Yes, however you can enable the sleep mode and Adhan will still play. Click here for more info.
Yes, You can Group Multiple speakers using Google Home App. Click here for more info.
Absolutely! We dont need any donations. However if you think you can help us technically to improve the software then please Click here to contact us.
Meanwhile leaving a positive review on App store will give us encouragment to add more features :-)